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About Zero Grid

We believe in pushing limits, in venturing beyond that which is known, and in constantly challenging the status quo. We believe technology improves our lives and that we can harness it's power to create smarter, innovative solutions. We believe in the value of creating memorable experiences over the accrual of material items. We believe travel broadens our perspectives, enriches our lives, and provides us all with greater context for the world we live in.

Stories from the Field

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Alcohol, Explosives, and Other Adventures in Salento, Colombia

The sleepy little town of Salento, Colombia is nestled in the lush mountains of the country’s coffee region. With colorful doorways, mustached men wearing traditional ponchos and low-hanging clouds, this paisa village is something out of National Geographic mixed with a scene from a Dr. Seuss book. Intrigued yet? You should be.

By Katie Zweber

Seven Miles of Paradise: North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

The North Shore of Oahu, also known as the 7 Miles of Paradise, is the mecca of surfing around the world. Traveling to the North Shore of Oahu has become a tri-annual ritual for me, as the surf, nature, and kind people separate it from most other places I have been in the world.

By Jake Fishman

The Breathtaking Essence of Hong Kong: Photos and Stories

Dynamic, dense and delicious, Hong Kong is a sophisticated fusion where East meets West. From the towering futuristic skyscrapers in Hong Kong Island, to the brimful vivid spirit of Kowloon, and finally the rural tranquility of New Territories; Hong Kong truly is one of the most dynamic cities we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

By Eric and Sarah

Falling for Sardinia: Unexpected Romance in the Western Mediterranean

"What is your favorite place of all the places you've have been?" This is the question that seems to be asked every time traveling comes up. I've always found it extremely difficult to answer. Not necessarily because there are so many that are too close to call, but because I’ve come to learn that more than the place itself, it's the experiences you have there that make it what it was.

By Connor Callanan

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